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True Results!
I have tried other electrolysis treatment centers and have not seen the results that I have experienced with Huntington Skin and Electrolysis. Not only have I seen excellent results, but Huntington Skin Care and Electrolysis is affordable and they can always fit me in late notice since my schedule is always changing.

Tina (CA)
I Agree
I agree that these products are truly amazing. As a massage therapist that works long hours I have the cool calm energy it takes to get through the day and the pain from my arthritis is gone. I wrote a full review under the electrolysis heading where my electrologist Rita gave me the Univera information.

Dale (DE)
Fantastic Results on the Ageless Xtra
I started taking the Ageless Xtra and didn't notice much at first. After a few weeks I noticed I had more patience and didn't have to take my usual nap after work. For years I had knee, heel and foot pain. The Dr.said it was probably some form of arthritis. It took three months of the Ageless and I added the Regenicare joint formula as well and I haven't had any pain whatsoever for six months now. Something repaired itself. I feel very fortunate. Rita at HSC gave me a brochure and I did the 90 day challenge of guaranteed results or your money back and now I am forever grateful.

Dr. Mile (CA)
Be Better At Every Age
Ask people taking Ageless Xtra what they feel first, and there's no hesitation. It's the cool calm energy. The mind is less cluttered and more focused. The mood is happier. It also helps manage stress and promotes joint comfort and flexibility. Rita, the owner of Huntington Skin care had such a great experience that she now offers the products at her Skin Care Center. As an orthomolecular nutritionist, I highly recommend this powerful anti-oxidant cell renewal formula.

cecilia (CA)
A noticeable difference
I have been receiving a high level of service from Huntington Skin care for two years. The improvement in my skin and overall appearance has been fabulous!

Tina (CA)
I am much happier with less & less of a hair concern. The Ageless Xtra makes me feel 20 years younger & gives me enough energy to work 12 hour days as a massage therapist. I am 54 and going strong. The joint product, Regenicare, has eliminated my arthritis symptoms. What a relief. Essentials has been the perfect meal replacement considering my hectic schedule. Thank you HSC.

Dale (DE)
"I always thought I was in pretty good health. I honestly did not think I could feel any better but I gave AgelessXtra a try. WOW, was I surprised! AgelessXtra is phenomenal. In a few short weeks my performance at the gym was at a whole new level. I'm having the best workouts ever. I have increased stamina, strength and cardio performance. The best news is I no longer have the joint discomfort or muscle fatigue associated with strenuous activity. At 61 I feel young again and my skin is clear. Rita can give you all the information on the Ageless Xtra by Univera.

Ann (CA)
Electrolysis Works!
After several months (one visit -per-month) of "laser hair removal" at a cosmetic surgeon's office, I did not notice any improvement in my hair removal. I was advised by the nurse that after several more treatments, that I would need to visit an electrologist to get the "stubborn hairs". What a joke! I decided to quit wasting time and money, and I scheduled my first appointment with Rita Dietrich. She was honest to admit that my problem would take time. After one year, I have already seen permanent results. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants a truly permanent solution to hair removal!

jenna (CA)
Always Pleased
I was blessed many years ago when the Huntington Skin Care and Electrolysis Center was referred to me. Rita Dietrich and the services she provides have been priceless. I mainly go for electrolysis but I also have been fortunate enough to receive other services (waxing, facials, and skin care products). Her sincere and professional work ethic is greatly appreciated especially because hair issues are challenging, difficult, private, and often sensitive. The services I have received over the years have produced immeasurable and amazing results that I am so grateful for and I owe to Rita. Thank you Rita...I hope you know how much of a treasure you and the service/s you give are! I am a better person inside for knowing you and outside for having you kill my unwanted hair.

alice (CA)
Rita, did a wonderful job. i just moved from glendale and was in search of a new electrolysis . Saw her reviews here and decided to try her. I am sooo glad that i did. she does great work, close by, and it was meeting a long lost friend. Looking forward to my next visit. THANK YOU RITA !

Stephanie (CA)
Excellent Products and Service
I have been a client of Rita for several years principally for electrolysis. She does a great job and is very reliable and accommodating. She also has a great deal of knowledge and experience that she brings to her work.

michele (CA)
Personable and Professional
Going to visit Electrologist & Esthetician Rita Dietrich is like visiting a friend. She makes the event of getting a bikini wax private, professional, and nearly painless :) I highly recommend her.

kim (CA)
The Best!
The owner, Rita really knows what she is doing. She explains the process. She is professional and caring at the same time. She goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. It's like spending time with a friend who makes you look better. I will drive from Pasadena to Newport to have her work on me. I highly recommend her.

Amanda (CA)
Mrs. Dietrich, the owner of Huntington Skin Care is a genuinely sweet and caring person. Honest and never pushy, qualities difficult if not impossible to find in beauticians these days, she is a trustworthy and skilled electrologist and esthetician. She has worked many miracles for me and has also introduced me to some wonderful products. All my experiences at Huntington Skin Care have been very pleasant. Unfortunately to the dismay of many clients, Mrs. Dietrich will be moving her practice to the Newport Beach area eventually and though many of us are losing a wonderful beautician and beloved friend, those from around the Newport Beach area will have much to gain.

cecilia (CA)
Noticable difference
I've been one of Rita's many loyal clients for nearly two years. Her knowledge and skill are excpetional and the results I've seen in my appearance are remarkable. Rita is a professional who's clients always come first. I don't know what my face would do without her!

Huntington Skin & Electrolysis
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At the Huntington Skin Care and Electrolysis Center, we provide professional skin care, waxing, electrolysis and massage therapy services in a private and tranquil setting. We employ the most up-to-date, effective methods of sterilization, disinfection and antisepsis and follow guidelines set by the California State Board in conjunction with the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Disposable probes are available for your protection.

We use specially formulated skin care products compatible with each individual`s skin type and the glycolic line is doctor quality.

Proper skin care is more important than ever. Air pollution, harmful U.V. rays and preservatives in foods are just a few of the environmental factors that affect our skin. Only seen with high magnification, the accumulation of skin cell damage can lead to premature aging.

A clear, healthy and glowing complexion is an asset to your appearance. Maintaining the health and attractiveness of the skin by preventative skin care is a choice that will enhance your skin`s beauty.

We now offer an advanced cell renewal formula, Ageless Xtra by Univera, that contains powerful antioxidants to combat the aging process. Only 35% of aging is predetermined by the genes. You now have the power to renew your body from the inside out to look, perform and to feel your best at every age.

Renewal you can see and feel:
Xtra™ is the result of pharmaceutical science applied to natural products. Xtra provides elements know to support repair of cell functions.*
Promotes Vital Energy*
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Xtra contains a blend of carefully-researched super nutrients that drive maximum energy production.*
Supports Mental Clarity and Focus*
Life is short - be in the moment. Contains vitamins, minerals, and a group of compounds known as polyphenols shown to hae a positive impact on brain function.*
Helps Manage Stress*
Relief for everyday life. Xtra`s unique formulation includes plant compounds used for centuries to help manage stress.*
Promotes Joint Comfort & Flexibility*
Freedom to move. Xtra includes the award-winning proprietary ingredient, Protectin™.

Products & Services:
  • Facials
  • Waxing (Hair Removing)
  • Body Treatments
  • Make-up
  • Anti-aging Supplements
  • Ageless Xtra by Univera

  • Area/Cities Served : Huntington Beach, Orange County, Newport Beach & Surrounding Cities

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