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I was set up to have a reading done by Mr. Vaughn by an associate of his. I arranged payment for his services through his associate 8 hours before calling him for the reading. When I called he told me that he had not received his payment (I paid 75.00) and that his attempt to contact this associate had failed. Interesting how when I called to alert her of the payment mix up she picked up the phone immediately. When the payment went through we played phone tag a couple times and when I asked for my reading he tried to put me off. After more phone tag he finally called back to do the actual reading for me. I had only one question I needed help with and that was helping me find a lost ring. He said he would put my info into his computer charts and give me an answer. I'm going to assume that because I am female the answers came back as, "you washed it down the kitchen sink, flushed it down the toilet, and last but not least, you threw it away because the stars say you were absent minded that day!" Well duh Sherlock. For my 75 dollars I received about 10 minutes of random and general responses......after I kept prompting him for more information about the stars and what not. I was thoroughly unhappy and disappointed with my reading and I hope this review is helpful to those looking to not get scammed!

Susan (CA)
Gifted Psychic
Mr. Richard Lee Vaughn (Psychic Astrologer) is one of the most talented & gifted Psychics I have ever spoken to. I have used many psychic services & have never found someone so in tune & able to reach in & find the answers the way Richard did. Great Charts, Astrology & Romance insight! I highly recommend Psychic Richard Lee Vaughn!

Wanda (GA)
Awesome Astrologer!
I have been going to Richard for astrological and tarot readings for the last 7 years, and I have not found another astrologer as detailed and on point as he is. I am an astrologer myself. But there are times when I need clarification on what I am seeing and not seeing in my charts. Richard has always taken as much time in the readings as I felt was needed, and patiently explained things on my level of understanding. He would always make sure I understood what he was saying before I left, answered any questions I had and gave me sound advice on how to work with the information in my day to day life. He is truly the astrologer's astrologer. I will use him again and again. Thanks Richard for all your guidance and patience over the years.

Psychic Richard Lee Vaughn
Psychic Astrologer | Tarot Reader | Numerologist

Psychic Richard Lee Vaughn is a talented and gifted Psychic Astrologer, Tarot Reader & Numerologist. He provides a service for giving insight into people`s lives, helping them to be fulfilled and to realize their dreams of prosperity, good health and spirituality. He offers profound readings for love, romance, marriage, money cycles, finding lost objects, lost people and spirituality. In addition, Richard is a teacher, lecturer, writer and has read for thousands of clients worldwide.

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  • Business Credentials/License/Affiliation: Self Taught Astrologer, Past Member of The Atlanta Metro Astrological Society, (MAAS) Creator of Real Time Astrology & Host of "Astrology Talk Live", MAGI Astrology Society Member.

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